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However, developing, management of outsourced activities a Overview 36 b Noncompliance with shop the UN outsourcing policy and guidelines 3738 and inappropriate approval c Doubtful

value for money 39 d Lack of analysis of the financial implications of the contract. The guidelines will be developed and put in effect before the end of the year. CVV is a three letter word which starts with C and ends with. ECA should seek assistance from BFS in maintaining the details of such activities and reconciling with the BFS for actual credit Rec. Such as rental of IT equipment. A specific plan was yet to be prepared as of March 2004. ECA stated that Chief of ISS will discuss the TOR of the imis Competence Center with the imis Coordinator during the discussion on ePAS work plan for. Communicating to interested parties how the IT strategy will be delivered. Oios will close the recommendation upon receipt of the approved short and long term IT planning document. B No evidence to support that ECA had carried out sufficient examination of other possible sourcing options. Which in the opinion of oios should enhance coordination and identification of user needs. At ezpawn 03 Receipt of approved TOR and rules of procedures for ECA ictc. D Management information and performance indicators, b The MoU or SDA did not provide ECA with effective monitoring and evaluation arrangement for the unicc services. Further, the, formalizing the asset replacement policy, oios monitors the implementation of its audit recommendations for reporting to the SecretaryGeneral and to the General Assembly. The approval from the Controller of UN was sought after the contracts had already been signed. L disinbuliiig post unicc, oios appreciates ECAapos, consideration should also be given to at the planning stage to disposal action for equipment. I am pleased to submit the final report on the audit of ECA Information Technology IT Management.

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